Evening photo of an outdoor living area with gazebo and fireplace

Outdoor living is a growing lifestyle trend. An outdoor living room makes it possible to connect with the outdoors, increases the value of your home and provides a space to entertain. Better designed new outdoor furniture provides ultra-comfort for your outdoor living room while being weatherproof.
An outdoor living room should flow into your outdoor surroundings and landscaping. Your outdoor living room can bridge the gap between indoors and out. This area can expand the perceived size of your home and let daily activities spill outside in the beauty of your back yard.

The choices for an outdoor living room really are endless. The major factors are your taste in furnishings and the feel you like to create. Below are some general options and items to consider when creating your outdoor living room.

Indoor outdoor rugs can be scrubbed and bleached and are the quickest way to add color, comfort and style to your patio, porch, sunroom, mud room or deck. Outdoor rugs are a great way to add color to your outdoor living room. Outdoor rugs are crafted with modern technology in fabrics that withstand the elements, hold up to heavy wear, and resist mold, mildew, staining and fading. The choices for outdoor carpets are endless.
Photo of seating under sun filled trellis

Creating a conversation area is as simple as placing a sofa, table and one or two chairs. Your outdoor living room furniture should be arranged the way you would arrange it a family room. You want to encourage gathering for good conversation and relaxation. Comfortable, weatherproof furniture will make this the most popular room in your house, inside and out. The furniture should be covered with comfortable cushions and pillows covered in outdoor fabric liberally.
Photo of fireplace with wall and water fall behind it

An outdoor room should have walls just like indoor rooms. These walls create privacy and help define your space. One wall may be the wall of your house while others may be part of your landscaping. Plants work very well as walls especially when they are in large planters. The choices for these “walls” are endless and we can provide help in choosing what works for your landscape and tastes.
Outdoor kitchen with subdued lighting

The relaxation and conversation should not stop when the sun goes down. Lighting for your outdoor living room should be given careful consideration and planning. From torches to solar powered lights to electrical lighting, choices abound to match the feel of your area.

Outdoor porch with ceiling and slate floor

A ceiling in your outdoor living room doesn’t have to be a typical ceiling you’d find indoors. If you have shade trees near, the branches of the trees can serve as a ceiling. Add a sail shade or umbrella can provide the shelter from sun and light rain as well as create a cozy, private feeling in your new favorite room. Outdoor living rooms and landscaping work hand in hand to create just the space you are looking for.
Photo of outdoor patio with walls and fire pit

Adding a fire place to your outdoor living room will add seasons to your outdoor living room. While providing light, you’ll also be provided with heat to take the edge of the chilly spring or fall days. Fire places and fire pits come in wood, gas and electrical versions. Whatever you decide, you’ll guarantee to add beauty and charm to your space.

Photo of outdoor patio with large screen tv

Outdoor televisions are designed to handle the worst that Mother Nature can come up with. Manufacturers design TV’s to handle wind, dust, rain, snow, heat and extreme cold. This makes it easier to enjoy outdoor TV and outdoor living any time any season.

LED televisions can be an excellent addition to your space and provide a crisp bright viewing experience even in the sunniest conditions. Even if the sun becomes too much, outdoor television manufacturers have come to the rescue with accessories that help.

Outdoor television have swivel mounts, rolling mounts, wall mounts and even truck mounts if you’re so inclined to take your television with you. Outdoor remote controls are another option that should be considered.

Outdoor TV enclosures are another accessory. Even though the television may be rugged and designed for the out of doors, it only makes sense to protect your investment to lengthen its life.