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For those of you looking for a luxurious addition to your landscaping, nothing beats a pond in your landscaping. A pond can be the finishing touch of a good design, making a good design a great design. Ponds can help water nearby plants, reduce the temperature around your lawn and creates an excellent focal point for your landscaping.

Ponds don't have to be filled with fish and plants. A pond in your backyard can be simply filled with crystal clear, clean water and used as a reflection pond.

Whatever you decide for your pond, they make a great addition in your landscaping and in your relaxation.

There are a few different types of ponds you may want to consider.

Reflecting Pond

A reflecting pond is very shallow and is not designed to support water lilies or fish. If you're creating a reflecting pond stay away from fountains or waterfalls. Instead you will want to create a large, simple pool that reflects the sky or building

When choosing how your reflection pond looks, you want to carefully choose what is reflected. This is both about the location of the pond and the "picture" you want to see in the pool. Some people prefer to reflect their home or pool house and build the reflecting pool near those. Others prefer to see the sky and trees surrounding their property reflected in the pond.

Whatever you choose, make sure to give it some careful thought. A carefully chosen reflecting pond adds to your landscaping and can elevate the look of the adjoining structure.

Water Garden

A water garden is a pond that focuses more on the plants than on the fish. It may have no fish at all. A water garden can contain floating plants, submerged plants, floating leafed plants and plants to surround the pond. There are many choices for your water garden including color. Flowers come in a multitude of colors and make it very easy to color your water garden. Don't forget the color and textures of the foliage as well.

Water ponds or the catchall category. They can have plants and fish or none at all. They can be at the bottom of a waterfall or just by themselves. When choosing, you have to decide if you wish to hear the pleasant sound of running water in your backyard or just be able to stare into your pond and watch the fish swim, or both.

A waterfall feeding the pond creates a nice combination of running water and a place for marine life and aquatic pets.